It's 2019 and The Learning Box is going thru a growing phase and ready to offer additional ideas at our facility to the community in which we have served. That means we are expanding and extending our S.T.E.M. program to those ages 5 to 14.  With our program, we expect math skills, reading skills, memory, science and  language all to improve and advance with their age level. Along side of the education, we want to be able to introduce more field trips beneficial to the learning capacity of the selected age group and program of choice.

It's not easy, but we have see the positive impact these additions have on the youth of today. They become inspired and create passion for learning with us.  Your contribution will allow us to adequately allow continued fun and growth for their future success and is greatly appreciated by our little friends.

Just to have an idea of our wishlist:

Arts & Crafts supplies of all kinds

Science experiment kits


Digital Recording Equipment

Interstate Travels 

Projector and Screen

College Tours

Sporting Events

Click the I WILL HELP button below! Cannot donate monetary wise? No problem, we are always seeking english speaking and bilingual volunteers to show their support to our little friends.

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