Mission Statement

Here at The Learning Box, INC. we provide a safe, positive, and nurturing learning environment by:

  • Working cooperatively with parents, children, and staff to provide a well-rounded developmental experience.
  • It is in recognizing that cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth emerges and is taught at different times, rates of speed, and through a variety of avenues.
  • Appreciating our multicultural and international community.
  • Finding and enhancing talents/gifts by using various methods and materials to meet the needs of each child. Striving to breed success, influencing self-esteem, motivation, and set the standard for pursuing education.

We accept ​our little friends as small as infants up to school-aged 8th grade. We have a fully experienced and qualified staff to assist with our facility’s educational and etiquette aspects. Here at The Learning Box, we describe using play as a method for educating young children. We employ Piaget’s theory of playing to enhance children’s curiosity, imagination and ensuring that play education touches on the following areas: Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, and Social needs of children. This is known as the PILES method.

In pre-school, pre-math and pre-literacy skills are introduced. Children are taught numbers and letters, but it is taught to appeal to children at that age. For example, children sing an alphabet song while following along in a picture book or learn rhymes and chants, which help them to notice the distinct sounds within words. Teachers read stories to children to encourage their listening, comprehension, and expressive language skills. Matching games, sorting games, and counting games build children’s understanding of numbers and sequences. Putting puzzles together encourages children to notice patterns and to work on problem-solving skills.

We feel participation in extracurricular activities regularly is the best way to help children develop their personalities, cut down on emotional stress, and enhance social or academic skills that could benefit them in the future. Psychologists even recommend after-school activities as the preferred choice over confidence-building classes.

After-school activities offer a positive environment in which children can grow and thrive when parents are working.

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