Our policy

The objective of any childcare service should be the provision of the best possible care for the children, parents and staff of your service while guaranteeing that they are exposed to a positive experience in a safe and caring environment.

Policies and procedures support the foundation of quality practice.  They help to guide the actions of everyone involved in the service and guide the daily work and decision making of childcare professionals to promote the best outcomes for children and families.

Providing the policy and procedure in written format will provide the service with clear explanations of the practices that need to be implemented consistently by everyone at The Learning box every day.

They will provide the road map in everyday practice and will outline not only what should happen, but how and why it should happen.

The clarity and understanding that policies and procedures provide promotes teamwork.

Policies and procedures provide a record of accountability to support protection of children, families, staff and management in addition to allowing for clear communication about what is expected. 

Policies and procedures support development of confident and professional practice.  For example, if a child is sent home with a suspected case of gastroenteritis, the staff at The Learning Box can feel confidence in their actions, knowing they have a clearly written Illness Exclusion Policy to support their decision.

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Parent Participation

Being active in your child's daily lifestyle is really important for their development. With that being said parents will be joining forces by attending meetings, field trips and volunteering in various ways for different events as needed.