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We provide a home away from home with quality care while you are away.

We Offer:

  • A safe and secure environment.
  • Trained qualified staff whom are fingerprint cleared, background checked, and CPR certified.
  • A routine and structured curriculum for all children.
  • Child care to infants up to 8th grade.
  • Nutrional meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
  • Early child education motor skills.
  • Self esteem building techniques.
  • Arts, crafts, music, and field trips.
  • Transportation to and from school (must inquirer within).
  • Before and after school care.
  • Homework assistance.
  • Google education training facility.
  • Potty training (upon request).
  • Flexible schedules.
  • 23 hour service / All day and weekend care.
  • All programs accepted.

Your Needs

Ms. Tee is holding out her hand to help a little boy get on the slide.

We understand that parents have to work to make a living to provide for their families. That is why our ENRICHMENT CENTER is the right place for your child! We do not limit ourselves in the care we provide. Thus we will accept ​our little friends as small as infants all the way up to the school-aged 8th grade. We have a fully experienced and qualified staff to assist with your child’s educational needs. 

Early childhood education prepares your child for entry into upper grades and helps them grow into more advanced social scenarios. Your child will be taught to empathize with other children, listen, take turns, raise their hand, signal to teachers when they need to use the bathroom, become bathroom trained, learn about safety and other fundamentals. Other components of early childhood education include classroom design, curriculum design, parent education, advocacy for quality programming, and understanding and compliance with legal and ethical practices. Early Childhood Education is specifically about teacher behavior towards early learners, peers, and the supporting community.

Your Childs Safety is Our #1 Priority

Photo of The learning box building with colorful flowers and artwork painted on the side.

Prevention is often the best form of safety so, we take the time to plan a hazard-free classroom environment. Taking this extra precaution can go a long way toward minimizing the chance of injuries. At The Learning Box, we make sure that:

  • Electric sockets are properly covered
  • Furniture is secure and not prone to tipping
  • Furniture has rounded edges
  • No nails, staples, or sharp objects are hidden in carpets
  • Rugs are secured and aren’t prone to slipping
  • Floors are clear of splinters and cracks
  • Low windows are guarded by a safety fence or window guards
  • Ceiling tiles are secure and will not fall
  • Curtain ties are cut or securely tied out of reach
  • Poisonous cleaning products, medicines, and classroom supplies are stored in a locked, out of reach cupboard


For Normal Operating Hours – 5 AM to 6 PM – Monday through Friday

Age GroupP/T HourlyF/T DailyP/T WeeklyF/T Weekly
Birth – 24 Months$16.28 $96.53$274.31$398.15
2 Yrs – 5 Yrs Old$12.19$67.37$227.58$301.55
School-Age Child$11.24$55.72$139.94$234.53

For Evening and Weekend Child Care Needs – Prices Are Subject to Change – Inquire Within for Availability

Age GroupF/T DailyP/T WeeklyF/T Weekly
Birth – 24 Months$113.30$331.10$457.90
2 Yrs – 5 Yrs Old$80.20$284.41$367.89
School-Age Child$67.41$174.90$255.75


Give Us A Call! 310-627-9593